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“Brilliant. Genuine. Wicked-talented. Take your pick.”

- Brianna Coccia, Long Island Sound Love


You can hear both power and heartache in her voice. The music of Laurie Anne Creus moves with the melodic and lyrical vulnerability of ballads yet grooves with the driving beat of funk and R&B.


"With each song that comes out it’s me betting on myself and proving that what I have to say matters," says Creus. "Growing up I didn’t see a lot of Filipino-American artists out there. But I realized if no one was going to be an example for me I have to do it myself.” - David Criblez, Newsday


Lyrically, her music encompasses themes of shattering an old self, letting go and an obsessive search for truth.


Her songs, “Nothing Lasts Forever (Anicca)” and “This Time” are available now on all streaming platforms.

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